Michelle Nicolo Prentice

Stress and Trauma Release Coach


"A few years ago, I had hit a wall with my career which obviously caused me to hit a wall financially. I knew that the work I was doing was valuable, but something was blocking me on a subconscious level. I’m a spiritual and emotional therapist, but knew that in order to unblock deeper layers of my beliefs and patterns, I needed what I call the “spiritual and emotional mojo aka the real deal.  
I went to Michelle Prentice  on a Thursday, by the following Monday, I earned $17,000 from the value of my work. She shifted something deep inside, and I have been prospering ever since!"  

Ester N 


"Being human, I was skeptical of FASTER EFT when I first stumbled across it. Thankfully however, I have a dear friend whom I trust, that has had a lot of success with it, so I agreed to give it a try. Never has something so simple, yielded results so GREAT!  In my first and only 45 minute session with Michelle, a 37 year old fear was finally  defined for me.  That definition immediately alleviated the fear. I would highly recommend FASTER EFT for anyone!"

Amber R


“I’ve had the pleasure of a session with Michelle Nicolo Prentice. Her skills as a practitioner are on point, and her demeanor warm and inviting. I got the professional help I needed to heal and move forward with my life. I enthusiastically recommend her to all those longing for restoration, growth and beyond.”

Gregory F


"Working with Michelle has truly been life-changing for me.  I barely knew anything about FEFT before my first appointment - I just went on the advice of a friend who thought it could be helpful for overcoming some anxiety I was having and for helping me deal with a great personal loss.  I was slightly skeptical at first, but by the end of my first session, I felt like a great weight had been lifted.  It truly felt like I had made the same amount of progress in just my first two sessions that would have taken years in traditional therapy or with regular EFT. Michelle is amazing at talking with me and guiding me straight through to the heart of the things I want to clear in that session (and also the things I didn’t even realize I truly needed to clear until after we’ve worked on them).  She’s an amazing listener, and makes me feel at ease and comfortable to let my mind go where it needs to.  She also gives me the tools I need to continue to make progress on my own. 

Since I’ve started working with Michelle, my business has flourished, my anxiety level has diminished, and I am finally in a loving, amazing romantic relationship.  I believe that the work I’ve done with Michelle has helped me get to a place where I was able to attract the right kind of available guy into my life, and am ALSO able to act and react in a healthy way towards him, that has lead to the kind of relationship that makes me happy and grateful every day.  The dynamics in my family relationships have drastically improved as well.  As the year has progressed, my sessions are farther apart, because as I mentioned, this therapy works fast and efficiently...but I will continue to work with Michelle and always look forward to our sessions.  I would be happy to speak with anyone about my experience.  It is literally the BEST money I have EVER spent, and the investment in myself has paid off more than I ever expected.  She truly is my angel!"

Jamie L