From the recording My Baby Just Cares For Me

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I Can't Help It

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from My Baby Just Cares For Me,
Produced by Michelle Nicolo Prentice -

Greg Bieck - Arrangements and additional production

Greg Bieck - Arranger, Piano and Accordion
Mark Prentice -Upright and Fretless Bass
Johnny Reno Prentice- Guitar
Michael Severs - Guitar
Matthew Bubel- Drums & Percussion
Steve Herrman -Muted Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Recorded at Bieckbird Studios, CTM Studio and Casa De Romeo, Nashville

Mixed and Mastered by Doug Wayne Holmquist for Mastermind Nashville


Looking in my mirror
Took me by surprise
I can't help but see you
Running often through my mind
Helpless like a baby
Sensual disguise
I can't help but love you
It is getting better all the time

[Chorus: x2]
I can't help it if I wanted to
I wouldn't help it even if I could
I can't help it if I wanted to
I wouldn't help it, no

Love to run my fingers
Softly while you sigh
Love came and possessed you
Bringing sparkles to your eyes

Like a trip to heaven
Heaven is the prize
And I'm so glad I found you
You're an angel in disguise

[Chorus: Repeats]

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